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Best 10 Cat & Dog Cafe in Tokyo

2018/07/11    , , ,

Adorable kittens and puppies always catch our hearts. Cat cafe and dog cafe, where we can see, touch, and play with cats and dogs are like a heaven, aren’t they? Japanese people adore animals, but in most cases it is not allowed to have pets at home. That’s why animal cafe makes a huge expansion across the nation. Animal cafes, especially cat cafe and dog cafe are becoming popular, not only among the Japanese but also among tourists from around the world. Here, we have collected 10 cat cafes and dog cafes in Tokyo. Just scroll down the page. Cute ...



15 Unusual Animal Cafe in Japan

2018/07/10    , , ,

When you think of “animal cafe,” you may associate it with cat cafe or dog cafe. However, Japan is going far beyond on those typical animal cafe. Have you dreamed of playing with unique birds, fluffy rabbits, or even with hedgehogs over drinks? There are many unusual, but fun animal cafes in Japan. It’s going to be a special experience! We have sorted 15 animal cafes that rarely exist in other countries. Tell us which you like the best! 1. Ikefukurou Cafe (Ikebukuro) キョウカイちゃん、その肩使いはもしかしてビートたけしさん意識してます…???笑 #可愛い #左がキョウカイ #インドオオコノハズク #IndianScopsOwl #右は同じ種類のアニ #後ろはコマダム #キンメフクロウ #Tengmalm'sOwl #ビートたけしさん #お笑い芸人さん #comedian_BeatTakeshi #いけふくろうカフェ #池袋?頭鷹??廳 #Ikefukuroucafe #池袋カフェ #Ikebukurocafe ...

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