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23 Best Japanese Candy You Must Try in Your Life

2018/04/03    , ,

Best Japanese Candy You must try in Japan! Japan had been mass producing candy since the Meiji period when the Western candy was brought to Japan. Many confectionery companies were established and created a large selection of sweets that gave the Japanese joyful moments. Since many snacks come and fail quickly from the market, only a handful candies have become classic. Here are some of the candies that have been catching the hearts of Japanese people for decades. If you come to Japan, you can’t miss these sweets! You can find more about classical Japanese snacks here and must-try Japanese ...


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25 Common Japanese Desserts that Amaze You

2017/12/26    , , , ,

Top 25 Traditional Japanese Desserts: Wagashi! Few people might associate Japanese food with its desserts, but Japan has a wide variety of desserts from traditional Japanese sweets so-called Wagashi, to Western-influenced Japanese sweets. Japanese people are actually a big fan of desserts from small kids to adults, as much as they have a phrase "betsu-bara", or "second stomach", which means they can still have room for desserts even when their stomach is already full. Japanese were making sweets long before sugar had arrived to Japan. They created desserts using ingredients available to them, such as mochi, anko (sweet red bean ...

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