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Japanese Parfait


36 Japanese Parfait You Have Never Seen

2018/06/06    , ,

Japan is known to transform things from other countries into the Japanese style.Surprisingly, parfaits are no exception.   Since imported from France, parfait has been an iconic dessert in Japan served at many types of restaurants, treating both the young and the old. Japanese parfait usually comes in a fancy glass, with several flavors of ice cream, corn flakes, jelly, and whipped cream on the bottom, decorated with nicely sliced fruits, cookies, and/or cakes.   What’s more, most restaurants and cafes offer several kinds of parfait to choose from so they suit customers’ tastes. You can enjoy any styles of ...

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17 Best Classic Japanese Snacks You Can’t Stop Eating

2018/02/18    ,

17 Irresistible Japanese Snacks! Japan has been adopting many things from other countries mainly from Europe and America, and transforming into Japanese style, making the goods “Japanized.” Snacks are no exception. When sugar started to be imported in the 1500s, snacks using sugar were invented. As industrialization and modernization progressed in the 19th century, popular snacks such as cookies and chocolate flowed into Japan from the Western countries. After that, a lot of confectionary companies were established and produced snacks, with changing Western snacks into Japanese style. Those confectionary companies such as Morinaga are still dominant in the confectionery market. ...



15 Drinks You Can Buy Only in Japan

2018/02/09    , ,

What kind of Drinks Can you buy only in Japan? When you stop by vending machines or convenience stores, you will find shelves full of colorful, nicely, but uniquely packaged drinks. Japanese convenience stores and vending machines have all sorts of drinks from refreshing tea to sweet soda to satisfy you and also offer a bit of surprise. Since canned, bottled, or paper-packed beverages got ubiquitous in Japan, beverage companies have improved the quality of every single drink and invented unique drinks that have never existed before. Also, universal drinks such as Fanta are sold with a subtle Japanese essence. ...


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Guide of 8 Different Types of Sushi: from Nigiri to Sasazushi

Complete guide of Different Types of Sushi! When you think of Japanese food, the first dish that comes up to your mind would be sushi. Yes, sushi is one of the typical Japanese dishes, and Japanese people enjoy eating sushi with friends or family. But did you know that there are many types of sushi? Other than nigiri and rolled sushi which may be familiar to you, but many different types of sushi that you have probably not heard of are found in Japan. Today Japadventure introduces 8 different types of sushi. What is sushi? First of all, what is ...


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This is What the Japanese Eat for Breakfast!

What is Traditional Japanese Breakfast lkie? In many parts of the world, a nutritious, well-balanced, freshening-you-up breakfast is considered to be important, so is in Japan. As people get busier and busier, people have come to skip the breakfast or have a quick, easy breakfast, but still, Japanese people consider breakfast as important, and they spare time to prepare nutritionally well-balanced breakfast. Each country has a traditional style breakfast, and you can see the essence of that country and culture from it. Traditional Japanese breakfast may be different from other styles of breakfast you have ever seen. What is traditional ...


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Nigiri vs Sashimi vs Maki: Definitions and Differences

2018/01/14    , ,

What are the differences between nigiri, sashimi and maki? Now sushi has become famous and popular worldwide, and sushi restaurants can be found almost any places in the world. Today, you have come to a sushi restaurant for the first time to try what it tastes like. You open the menu, and read it from the top, looking for what would tease your tongue- But, there are so many words that you have never come across. What is nigiri? What is sashimi?What is maki? Are these all sushi? For those who have experienced this kind of situation, we will explain ...


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25 Common Japanese Desserts that Amaze You

2017/12/26    , , , ,

Top 25 Traditional Japanese Desserts: Wagashi! Few people might associate Japanese food with its desserts, but Japan has a wide variety of desserts from traditional Japanese sweets so-called Wagashi, to Western-influenced Japanese sweets. Japanese people are actually a big fan of desserts from small kids to adults, as much as they have a phrase "betsu-bara", or "second stomach", which means they can still have room for desserts even when their stomach is already full. Japanese were making sweets long before sugar had arrived to Japan. They created desserts using ingredients available to them, such as mochi, anko (sweet red bean ...

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