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Ochugen: Japanese Sumer Gift-Giving Tradition

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Ochugen: Summertime Gift-Giving Tradition in Japan Ochugen is one of the two gift-giving seasons in Japan along with Oseibo. People exchange/send gifts to superiors at the workplace and to those who are in close relationships to express gratitude. Ochugen is a similar custom to Oseibo that takes place in the year-end, but there are also differences between those two. Let’s dig into the Ochugen tradition! The meaning and origin of Ochugen Chugen (中元), or Ochugen (お中元), is a summer gift-giving tradition that people present gifts to your boss and to those who are in close relationships including relatives, home doctors, ...



Oseibo: Japanese Year-End Gift Giving Culture

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Oseibo: Japanese Year-End Gift Giving Culture Japan is known to have a unique gift-giving culture, as represented in omiyage. Giving gifts in Japan is considered to be a way to show the giver's care for the receivers, to express gratitude, and to maintain relationships. Oseibo is one part of the Japanese gift-giving culture that takes place in the year-end. Let's get into the detail of this culture today! Meaning and Origin of Oseibo The word “Seibo”(歳暮) means “the end of the year.” “O” is an adding letter to make the word formal or to sound gentle. Oseibo is one of ...



26 Ideas for What to Buy in Tokyo

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Ideas for What to Buy in Tokyo Tokyo is just a small part of Japan, but it is where various faces of Japan are concentrated. So, you can get souvenirs in a diverse variety from traditional items to modern, trendy items. Below we listed things to get in Tokyo that either you can take back home or you can eat on the spot. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, be sure to check this list! If you will visit other parts of Japan, be sure to check souvenir ideas from Japan! What to buy at Tokyo Station What to ...


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22 Top Souvenir (Omiyage) Ideas to Bring Back From Japan

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List of Must-Buy Souvenirs from Japan! Are you planning to come to Japan, or are you about to leave Japan? Whenever you travel, you may want to buy souvenirs to take back home to remember your precious experiences. You may also want to share your experiences with your family and friends. Then, why don’t you get some souvenirs in Japan before having a flight back home? There are many kinds of souvenirs (or “omiyage” in Japanese) that you can feel “Japan” everytime you see/use them. The followings are top recommended souvenirs! If you are visiting Tokyo, here are more detailed ...

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Best Omiyage Ideas to Take to Japan that Never Go Wrong


Make Sure to Take Omiyage When You Go to Japan! Japan has a unique gift-giving culture, omiyage (お土産), which means souvenirs or gifts that you give to your family, friends, or coworkers when you come back from your trip. If you come to Japan for working, homestay, or going to school, it is a good idea to pack some omiyage in your suitcase. Giving omiyage to people you meet during your stay in Japan shows your caring to those people and brings a moment of joy talking about your home country and culture. But, you may find it difficult to ...



Guide of How to Give Omiyage: For Workplace, Host Family, Friends, and Neighbors

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Let's learn how to give omiyage Japan has a unique culture of gift giving; it’s “Omiyage culture.” What is “Omiyage”? Japan’s Souvenir Giving Culture If you give omiyage to your co-workers, host family, boss, or your friends, you want to be polite and proper, right? For whom should I buy Omiyage? What should I pick for Omiyage? How should I present Omiyage? If you have these questions, you are in the right place now. Taking part in omiyage culture starts before actually presenting omiyage: it starts from making a list of people for whom you will buy omiyage. This is ...


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What is "Omiyage"? Japan's Souvenir Giving Culture

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What is Omiyage? It is Japanese Gift Giving Culture! Most of you may buy souvenirs when you take a trip away from home, so do the Japanese. However, what you call “souvenir” is not equal to what Japanese people call “souvenir”- It's "Omiyage"(お土産)in Japanese. So, what is “Omiyage” and what makes it a distinctive aspect of Japanese culture? What are the differences between souvenir and omiyage? Let's learn Japanese curious "omiyage culture" and see best omiyage ideas from popular sightseeing areas- Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka. What is the definition of omiyage? As those who have come to Japan ...

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