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1970's Sukeban Subculture: Japanese Delinquent Gangs

2018/05/14    , ,

Sukeban: Japanese Delinquent Girls in the 1970s Sukeban are Japanese female gangs characterized by altered school uniforms with long skirts and rolled-up sleeves, that are a continuous movement of reveling schools. Let’s find out their subculture and fashion. What is Sukeban? Sukeban (スケバン) refer to delinquent Japanese girl gangs or the boss girl in a gang. The word “Sukeban” is said to come from “suke,” meaning “girl,” and “ban,” a short form of “bancho,” or a gang boss. Sukeban first appeared in the 1960s, as a female equivalent to the male bancho gangs or a girlfriend of male bancho. Initially, ...

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