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13 Ways How Japanese Classroom is Different from America

Differences between Japanese classrooms and American classrooms Education systems show characteristics of culture, value, and society of the country. Since Japan and America have different perspectives on those aspects, classrooms in those two are different. Today we will explain 13 differences between Japanese schools and American schools. 1. School Uniform As often seen in anime and manga, Japanese students, often at middle schools and high schools, are required to wear school uniform or seifuku in Japanese. The traditional style of the uniform is sailor uniform for girls and gakuran uniform for boys. However, more and more schools have brazer uniforms ...


Fashion Culture

1970's Sukeban Subculture: Japanese Delinquent Gangs

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Sukeban: Japanese Delinquent Girls in the 1970s Sukeban are Japanese female gangs characterized by altered school uniforms with long skirts and rolled-up sleeves, that are a continuous movement of reveling schools. Let’s find out their subculture and fashion. What is Sukeban? Sukeban (スケバン) refer to delinquent Japanese girl gangs or the boss girl in a gang. The word “Sukeban” is said to come from “suke,” meaning “girl,” and “ban,” a short form of “bancho,” or a gang boss. Sukeban first appeared in the 1960s, as a female equivalent to the male bancho gangs or a girlfriend of male bancho. Initially, ...


Fashion Culture

Nanchatte Seifuku: How to Look Like Japanese School Girls!

“Nanchatte Seifuku” - Unique Aspect of Japanese School Uniform Japanese students are known to wear school uniforms. While some schools require students to wear a set of uniform designated by the school, other schools have skirts/pants and a school pin only. Several schools even don’t have their school uniforms. Still, school uniform is a symbol of school age to many Japanese schoolers, especially to high school girls. So, even if their schools don’t have school uniforms, they buy fake uniforms to enjoy their school age. Today, let’s have a look at this culture of fake uniform, known as “Nanchatte Seifuku.” ...

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