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9 Beautifully "Japanized” Starbucks in Japan

2018/06/21    , ,

Have you ever seen such "Japanized" Starbucks? Today you can find Starbucks all around the world- from North America to Europe, Latin America to far East Asia. In Japan, there are 1,342 Starbucks across the country, and Japanese people do love going there to have fancy drinks. Most Starbucks in Japan have familiar appearances to what you see in your country, but there are fabulous looking Starbucks that exists only in Japan. Let’s see what they look like! If there are unique Starbucks in your country, please share it with us! twitter 1. Nineizaka, Kyoto すごーく久しぶり京都旅行にいってきました! 私の目的はスタバとご朱印w それで初日に行きたかった京都二寧坂ヤサカ店に無事にいけました! 最初全然気づかなくて周りの人が話してるので気づいたというwww 京都限定のスタバカードもゲットできてよかった(*´ω`*) ...



15 Drinks You Can Buy Only in Japan

2018/02/09    , ,

What kind of Drinks Can you buy only in Japan? When you stop by vending machines or convenience stores, you will find shelves full of colorful, nicely, but uniquely packaged drinks. Japanese convenience stores and vending machines have all sorts of drinks from refreshing tea to sweet soda to satisfy you and also offer a bit of surprise. Since canned, bottled, or paper-packed beverages got ubiquitous in Japan, beverage companies have improved the quality of every single drink and invented unique drinks that have never existed before. Also, universal drinks such as Fanta are sold with a subtle Japanese essence. ...

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