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13 Ways How Japanese Classroom is Different from America

Differences between Japanese classrooms and American classrooms Education systems show characteristics of culture, value, and society of the country. Since Japan and America have different perspectives on those aspects, classrooms in those two are different. Today we will explain 13 differences between Japanese schools and American schools. 1. School Uniform As often seen in anime and manga, Japanese students, often at middle schools and high schools, are required to wear school uniform or seifuku in Japanese. The traditional style of the uniform is sailor uniform for girls and gakuran uniform for boys. However, more and more schools have brazer uniforms ...


Fashion Culture

8 Different Types of Japanese School Uniform: Unique History and Design

Let's learn about Japanese Seifuku (School Uniform)! Japanese school uniform is known for its fashionable appearance. Most schools in Japan have their uniforms, and the design varies depending on the school. For Japanese students, school uniform is not only for showing which school a person belongs to. It has become one of the fashion items due to the change of school uniform designs and fashion trends. Many Japanese school girls add accessories to their uniform to express their originality. Now, you will see how Japanese school uniform has been developed and changed over time, and how Japanese students enjoy their ...

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