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5 Best 100 Yen Sushi Restaurants in Japan!

2018/05/16    ,

100 yen sushi chain restaurant in Japan Sushi is probably the best known Japanese food outside of Japan. So, most travelers want to try sushi when they come to Japan. Since Japan is home to sushi and is the critical cuisine for the majority of Japanese people, there are countless sushi restaurants all across the country. Sushi had been one of the most expensive, luxurious food, but for the last 15 years or so, there has been a growing market of cheap sushi restaurants. Among all types of sushi restaurants, 100 yen sushi restaurants are the most common kind because ...


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How to Tell Differences between Maki Roll and Hand Roll

2018/03/21    ,

How are Maki Roll and Hand Roll Different? Maki roll and hand rolls are the terms that are categorized in the most well-known Japanese food, sushi. Sushi is a type of food that is comprised of vinegary rice and ingredients like raw/cooked fish, pickled vegetables, and egg, and both maki roll and hand roll have those components. Although these two are a kind of roll, they are often referred as different types of rolls, which makes many people confused. Today, we will explain the differences between maki roll and hand roll with definitions of these two and comparisons of several ...

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Nigiri Sushi vs Maki: Clear Guide to Tell the Differences

2018/03/01    ,

Confusing Terms "Nigiri" and "Maki" If you are new to sushi, ordering sushi at a Japanese restaurant would be confusing. There are different types of sushi on the menu, but you are not sure what each term means. So you don't know what to order. Guide of 8 Different Types of Sushi: from Nigiri to Sasazushi The typical questions people have is, "what is the difference between nigiri and maki?" This page will answer your question, making it as easy and simple as possible for you to understand what each term indicates and differences of those two. Are Nigiri and ...


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Guide of 8 Different Types of Sushi: from Nigiri to Sasazushi

Complete guide of Different Types of Sushi! When you think of Japanese food, the first dish that comes up to your mind would be sushi. Yes, sushi is one of the typical Japanese dishes, and Japanese people enjoy eating sushi with friends or family. But did you know that there are many types of sushi? Other than nigiri and rolled sushi which may be familiar to you, but many different types of sushi that you have probably not heard of are found in Japan. Today Japadventure introduces 8 different types of sushi. What is sushi? First of all, what is ...


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Nigiri vs Sashimi vs Maki: Definitions and Differences

2018/01/14    , ,

What are the differences between nigiri, sashimi and maki? Now sushi has become famous and popular worldwide, and sushi restaurants can be found almost any places in the world. Today, you have come to a sushi restaurant for the first time to try what it tastes like. You open the menu, and read it from the top, looking for what would tease your tongue- But, there are so many words that you have never come across. What is nigiri? What is sashimi?What is maki? Are these all sushi? For those who have experienced this kind of situation, we will explain ...

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