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Guide of Teishoku: A Common Style of Japanese Meal

2018/03/11    ,

The common type of Japanese Meal: Teishoku(定食) When you think of what Japanese people eat every day, you may imagine they eat sushi, ramen, tempura, katsudon, or other dishes that come in one bowl or plate. However, in fact, Japanese people eat “teishoku”- a set meal that comes with the main dish, rice, miso soup, and side dishes - more often than one-bowl/one-plate dish. This page introduces the definition of teishoku, common types of teishoku, and where you can have teishoku in Japan. Let’s see a distinctive aspect of Japanese food culture. What is teishoku (定食)? Teishoku means “set meal,” ...

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Nigiri Sushi vs Maki: Clear Guide to Tell the Differences

2018/03/01    ,

Confusing Terms "Nigiri" and "Maki" If you are new to sushi, ordering sushi at a Japanese restaurant would be confusing. There are different types of sushi on the menu, but you are not sure what each term means. So you don't know what to order. Guide of 8 Different Types of Sushi: from Nigiri to Sasazushi The typical questions people have is, "what is the difference between nigiri and maki?" This page will answer your question, making it as easy and simple as possible for you to understand what each term indicates and differences of those two. Are Nigiri and ...


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Guide of 8 Different Types of Sushi: from Nigiri to Sasazushi

Complete guide of Different Types of Sushi! When you think of Japanese food, the first dish that comes up to your mind would be sushi. Yes, sushi is one of the typical Japanese dishes, and Japanese people enjoy eating sushi with friends or family. But did you know that there are many types of sushi? Other than nigiri and rolled sushi which may be familiar to you, but many different types of sushi that you have probably not heard of are found in Japan. Today Japadventure introduces 8 different types of sushi. What is sushi? First of all, what is ...


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This is What the Japanese Eat for Breakfast!

What is Traditional Japanese Breakfast lkie? In many parts of the world, a nutritious, well-balanced, freshening-you-up breakfast is considered to be important, so is in Japan. As people get busier and busier, people have come to skip the breakfast or have a quick, easy breakfast, but still, Japanese people consider breakfast as important, and they spare time to prepare nutritionally well-balanced breakfast. Each country has a traditional style breakfast, and you can see the essence of that country and culture from it. Traditional Japanese breakfast may be different from other styles of breakfast you have ever seen. What is traditional ...

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